Theatre Commercial General Liability

This insurance covers you for two things: damage to a location and injury to an uninvolved bystander or audience member. It does not cover your actors, your volunteers, or your company property.

Some possible scenarios:

  • An audience member gets hit on the head by something falling off the stage during your performance. They then sue you for medical expenses.
  • Your set falls over and knocks a hole in the wall. The theater requires you to pay for the damages.

When do I actually need it? Most theaters will not include you in their liability insurance coverage: instead, they will require that you show a certificate of insurance as proof of your own coverage. Even if it is not required, it’s a great thing to have: $500 now is much easier on the budget than a $500,000 claim in the future.

I’m still waiting to hear back about a grant, and until I have that money my friends are performing for me for free. The insurance companies consider them volunteers. Do them a favor. Volunteer Accident

My development staff rocks and I have thousands of dollars to pay my performers. That’s spectacular! Workers' Compensation

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