Theatre Health Insurance (Small Groups)

When it comes to employee salaries, it may seem hard to remain competitive. And yes, we also know that you are rewarding your small, devoted staff with lots of love and affection (and possibly the occasional happy hour drink). Other perks, like vacation time, personal days, and a flexible schedule are a start but still might not be enough to keep someone from moving on.

Small group health insurance policies can be simple to obtain. And it may just keep that rockstar employee of yours around for another year.

High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are affordable ways for you to offer coverage to your devoted employees. These plans include a high deductible, typically in the $3000-$10,000 range, but very low monthly premiums. Look for plans include access to a Health Savings Account (HSA), a tax-advantaged savings account to which both your organization and your employees can contribute.

Afraid you may be too small to qualify as a small group? Fear not: insurance companies consider any group of 2-50 to be a small group, so even if you have just one employee that you would like to cover then you are in the clear!

Have any other great ideas about how to keep my employees happy and healthy? Absolutely: consider some disability insurance. Disability Insurance

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