Theatre International Touring

Congratulations on booking international performances! As you know, there is plenty to consider prior to checking in, boarding the plane, and relaxing in the gentle hands of your flight attendant. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Check with the locations to which you will be traveling about their insurance requirements, and request copies of your contracts (in your native language) if you don't already have them. If there is any mention of insurance, email or call your insurance agent for help.
  • If you and/or your performers have health insurance, check to see what the coverage is outside of the United States. Most policies are limited to emergency care for life-threatening situations.
  • Determine any entrance or exit requirements for the countries of travel. Customs can be difficult at best, so know what to expect and make sure that everyone has current passports and visas—including your equipment. If you've never had to deal with a carnet before, consider yourself lucky. Basically a passport for your equipment, a carnet allows you to bring large quantities of goods into and then out of a country without paying duties on them. If you plan to travel with any equipment or associated paraphernalia, make sure it will get across the border as smoothly as you do.

When I get back to the States I’ll have to deal with the fact that I haven’t had health insurance since I left college. Any ideas? Absolutely! Health Insurance (Individuals)

I have a theatre company, remember? Is there any way I can reward my people with health insurance for all of their hard work? Health Insurance (Small Groups)

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