Theatre Volunteer Accident

A volunteer accident policy covers your volunteers for accidental medical expense. Most policies have a $50,000 limit per person with a small deductible, typically around $250. It will also include Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Wait, what's that deductible all about?

The deductible is the insurance company's way to prevent small claims. In a claim, you pay the first $250 and the insurance company will cover the rest. That's to keep you from filing a claim for the $30 of Advil and IcyHot you bought your performer when she stubbed her toe.

Most volunteer accident policies are reimbursement-based. You will pay the expenses out of pocket, and the insurance company will reimburse the total amount minus the deductible. So don't forget to keep copies of all of your bills and receipts!

Accident Medical Expense reimburses medical expenses if an accidental bodily injury causes an insured person to incur medical expenses. This benefit also reimburses medical expenses if an insured person incurs such medical expenses for care and treatment of a disease or illness for which symptoms first appear during a defined covered activity.

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